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The idea for a line of greeting cards based upon my fine art prints came about when I was trying to find a special card to send to a friend. When I tried to find something at a retail store that said what I was really feeling, I wasn't able to. So, I decided to take my fine art images and create a line of greeting cards. These cards were designed for people who want to communicate their feelings in a distinctively unique original way so the inside of each card is blank so the the giver can write their own personal message. The image that is the centerpiece of each card was created by me and not downloaded from some website. The image you see in the gallery is an image of the actual card.  These cards will fit into a standard 5x7 picture frame, and many people have made them part of their home or business decor by framing them.

Each greeting image is nestled in recycled textured card stock, printed using an enviromentally friendly soybean-based ink.

Please, note that I can put any image into a different card stock.  So, if you like one of the images in a sympathy card but would prefer it to be in another type of card, all you have to do is to let me know, If you don't see something that you like today, check back in a couple of weeks because I will be adding new items.  By the way, all prices include shipping.


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I can't remember a time when photography has not been part of my life.  From the little box camera that my grandparents gave me when I was a small boy, to the Nikons, Contax 645, and Mamiya RZ Pro II that I use today, cameras and photograhy have never been far away. They have been a comfort for me.  No matter what I try to do; it always comes full circle back to photography. 

For me, photography is a way to escape the pressures and frustrations of daily life.  When I am behind the camera and looking at the image in front of me, nothing else matters. I don't hear anything, I don't see anything around me. It's as if I am alone in another world.  

My work has been called ethereal and a form of photographic impressionistic art.  It has also been known to evoke deep feelings in some people.  At one of the local art shows I attended, I looked up to see a woman looking at a print I call the "Three Sisters."  Tears were running down her face because the image reflected what she felt about her sisters and her mother.  Some people have told me that they become lost in the image I call "Dandelion," and that they could look at it all day long. Others find my "Grieving Lady" image to be comforting during times of grief.

Regardless of how the images may or may not move you, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

Bill Tincher


Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with me.  I try to respond to all emails within 24 hours after receiving them.


Bill Tincher

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